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How to mine cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency mining is an extremely competitive process of creating new coins (tokens) and validating transactions on a blockchain network used by a cryptocurrency. Reasons why most people decide to buy cryptocurrencies instead of mining:

The profitability of mining depends on the price of electricity, hardware, and competition
Expensive hardware devices and advanced IT knowledge are required
A large initial investment is required, and profitability is questionable
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Cryptocurrency and Tax

Do I have to pay taxes on cryptocurrency trading? How to file crypto tax report? What are crypto tax regulations in Europe?

EU Cryptocurrency Regulations

Cryptocurrencies are considered legal in European Union member states and most countries charge capital gains tax on cryptocurrency investing/trading. Every member state has different laws and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies so make sure you check with your local tax authority.

How Is Cryptocurrency Taxed?

Cryptocurrency tax must be paid if less than two years have passed since the time of purchase to the time of sale of cryptocurrency. Depending on the EU member states this time limit can vary. In Croatia the tax amount is 10% + surtax of the city in which you live in and is submitted via the JOPPD form. If you HODL cryptocurrency for more than 2 years, then you are not required to pay income tax on profits from cryptocurrency trading.

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