Store Token

Native utility token of the Bitcoin Store platform was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Store Token provides a variety of benefits to its holders and access to new products and services within the Bitcoin Store ecosystem.

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Sale ended
Open via Telegram
Open via Twitter
d, h, mins
Total raised
0% tokens sold/20,000,000
Presale preparationFeb 25, 202211:00 PM
Presale startsMar 3, 202211:00 AM
Presale endsApr 30, 202210:00 PM
Trading beginsDec 1, 202210:00 PM

Project details

Presale featureMinimum redemption amount 0,1€ per one STORE token in the next two years
Maximum purchase quantity per user1000000
Minimum purchase quantity per user300
Number of participants
Presale plan20 000 000 tokens (10% of total supply).
Presale contract address

Token details

Token nameStore
Token symbolSTORE
Token decimals8
Total supply200000000
Token address

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