Store Token

Native utility token of the Bitcoin Store platform was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Store Token provides a variety of benefits to its holders and access to new products and services within the Bitcoin Store ecosystem.

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Sale ended
Open via Telegram
Open via Twitter
d, h, mins
Total raised
0% tokens sold/20,000,000
Presale preparationFeb 25, 202211:00 PM
Presale startsMar 3, 202211:00 AM
Presale endsApr 30, 202210:00 PM
Trading beginsApr 1, 202309:00 PM

Project details

Presale featureMinimum redemption amount 0,1€ per one STORE token in the next two years
Maximum purchase quantity per user1000000
Minimum purchase quantity per user300
Number of participants
Presale plan20 000 000 tokens (10% of total supply).
Presale contract address

Token details

Token nameStore
Token symbolSTORE
Token decimals8
Total supply200000000
Token address

Frequently asked questions

Learn how the Bitcoin Store platform works

What is the Store (STORE) price - exchange rate today?

On 2023-01-27 the current Store price/exchange rate is 0.125 EUR.

How to buy Store (STORE)?

On the Bitcoin Store platform, you can easily buy Store and more than 130 cryptocurrencies at the real-time exchange rate with the lowest fees.

First, you need to create and verify your account on the Bitcoin Store cryptocurrency trading platform to get full access.

After successful verification you can make a deposit (in HRK or EUR) to your Bitcoin Store Wallet.

Supported payment methods for deposit are:
  • internet or mobile banking
  • bank transfer
  • payment slip
  • cash payment in Bitcoin Store physical exchange office

Once we receive your payment, funds to purchase cryptocurrencies will be available on your Bitcoin Store Wallet and you can start purchasing cryptocurrencies.

How to sell Store (STORE)?

On the Bitcoin Store platform, you can easily sell more than 130 cryptocurrencies from our offer at the current exchange rate.

You can instantly sell cryptocurrencies that are stored on your Bitcoin Store Wallet.

Cryptocurrency stored on personal wallets such as Exodus, TrustWallet, Ledger, Treasury, etc., or on various trading platforms must be transferred to your Bitcoin Store Wallet before selling.

Once the transfer is successful you can sell your cryptocurrency. You can withdraw the funds directly to your bank account or keep them on your Bitcoin Store Wallet and use them for future cryptocurrency purchases.

Can I buy or sell Store (STORE) for cash?

You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies for cash in Bitcoin Store exchange offices in Zagreb and Split.

Verifying your identity via ID card is not required for all transactions up to HRK 15.000,00

In the exchange office, you can also make a deposit in cash directly to your Bitcoin Store account. The amount you deposit will be visible immediately and ready for your next cryptocurrency purchase.

Where can I store Store (STORE)?

You can store Store in your digital wallet. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, digital wallets can be divided into 2 groups - Hot Wallets and Cold Wallets.

Hot wallets include:
  • desktop wallet
  • mobile wallet
  • online wallet

Cold Wallets include:
  • hardware wallet
  • paper wallet

You can also store STORE on your own Bitcoin Store Wallet. The access and storage of cryptocurrency are free for all users who register on the Bitcoin Store Platform.

On Bitcoin Store Wallet you can:
  • store more than 130 cryptocurrencies
  • deposit and store of funds in HRK or EUR

What is token presale?

Cryptocurrency (token) presale is an opportunity for interested parties to buy tokens before they are released into circulation. The presale process ensures the best entry price for a project before the token starts trading on global exchanges.

What is the guaranteed buyback price?

Bitcoin Store guarantees a redemption (buyback) price of 0.1 EUR per STORE token for the next 2 years after the presale is completed.

What is a Bitcoin Store (STORE) token and what will it be used for?

STORE is the native utility token of the Bitcoin Store platform. STORE token will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain network as an ERC-20 token.

With the help of the STORE token, the growing Bitcoin Store community will gain access to a variety of benefits within the entire Bitcoin Store platform.

How can I participate in the STORE token presale?

To participate in the STORE token presale you need to have a verified Bitcoin Store account and funds in EUR on your Bitcoin Store Wallet to purchase the token.

STORE token pre-sale price - 0.125 EUR / token.

Minimum quantity for the purchase of STORE token - 300 tokens.

Maximum quantity for the purchase of STORE token - 1 000 000 tokens.

When will the STORE token be available for trading?

After the presale is completed, the planned start of STORE token trading is the 4th quarter of 2022. The exact time will be announced at a later date.

What is the vesting (lock-up) period?

The vesting period is the specific period of time in which some part of the token allocation remains locked (prevented to be sold), which ensures long-term liquidity and sustainability.

How to earn a referral program bonus?

Bitcoin Store will reward 10 STORE tokens for each user who creates and verifies a Bitcoin Store account via your unique referral link and purchases STORE token.

  1. 5 STORE bonus tokens reward will be given to the referral.
  2. 5 STORE bonus tokens will be given to the user registered using a unique referral link.

The bonus can be earned from March 3rd, 2022 until May 1st, 2022 , or until the end of the presale of the STORE token. The number of referrals is unlimited!

Who is the founder of the Store Token?

Digital Assets d.o.o. is the company that founded the Bitcoin Store platform. Store Token was developed by Bitcoin Store internal team as a part of the long-term strategy to improve the platform's functionality and to create new innovative financial products and services.
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