NEAR Crypto Community has created a fund for humanitarian support to Ukraine

02/28/2022, 11:37 AM

NEAR Crypto Community has created a fund for humanitarian support to Ukraine

The Unchain is a humanitarian project launched by the blockchain community to help people in Ukraine.

Cryptocurrency holders around the world have come together to help the people of Ukraine with their donations. According to current data, the crypto communities have managed to raise more than 19 million USD (in cryptocurrencies).

Many important people and organizations from the crypto world responded to the call for help to Ukraine. Among the most prominent is Vitalik Buterin, one of the creators of Ethereum.

Currently, one of the leading crypto-initiatives to help Ukraine is the Unchain Fund, which was established by the NEAR protocol.

The fund is also supported by other leading crypto projects in the world, such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and many others.

Donations will be used to support refugees and citizens of Ukraine in the form of food, protective and communication equipment, medicines, direct aid.

Simply donate cryptocurrencies via and be sure that the funds will go to those who really need them.

  • note - the funds will not be used to buy weapons.

In addition to the crypto community, the fund was joined by many NGOs and non-profit organizations:

  • Children's voices
  • East SOS
  • CURE project
  • International Medical Association
  • People in need
  • Polish Center for International Assistance

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