Bitcoin Store introduces Store Token (STORE)

03/03/2022, 02:22 PM

Bitcoin Store introduces Store Token (STORE)

We present you the Store Token (STORE) - a native utility token for the best experience within the Bitcoin Store platform.

Our primary goal is to develop innovative financial products and services that will provide all users with a simple and secure experience in buying and selling cryptocurrencies or managing their own digital assets.

In order to give you more benefits and improve the platform's functionality, we created the Store Token (STORE).

What is Store Token (STORE)?

Bitcoin Store developed STORE as a native utility token that will serve as a fuel for the entire ecosystem. Store Token is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token holders will gain access to a wider range of services and benefits such as:

  • Discount on trading fees via our online platform and offline exchange fees in our brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Access to a new type of services (to be announced soon).
  • Exclusive privileges for investors.
  • Referral program benefits.

The token will also have an implemented buyback and burn mechanism which should provide long-term incentives for token holders by repurchasing tokens and removing them from circulation.

The GIF of a burning Store Token.

5% of all trading fees revenue will be allocated to create a Bitcoin Store insurance fund.

This insurance fund is created to increase trust both from retail users and also from governments and regulators, by protecting the user assets.

How to buy Store Token (STORE)?

The Store Token will be available for purchase in two pre-sale rounds. In the first round of presale, 20 000 000 tokens will be available, or 10% of the total token supply (total supply of Store token is 200 000 000).

The first round of presale will begin on March 3, 2022. and will last until May 1, 2022, or sooner if 20 million tokens are sold out.

The second round of the presale will be announced later.

You can find all information about the STORE token, and download Store Token litepaper on this link

What is the Store Token (STORE) presale price?

The presale price of the STORE token will be – 0.125 EUR per token.

Bitcoin Store guarantees a redemption (buyback) of 0.1 EUR per STORE token in the next 2 years after the presale is completed.

How many Store Token (STORE) can I buy?

The minimum presale purchase quantity is 300 tokens.

The maximum presale purchase quantity is 1 000 000 tokens.

Only verified users of the Bitcoin Store platform can purchase the Store Token.

Trading of STORE token will commence in Q4 2022.

Earn bonus Store Token through Referral program

Bitcoin Store will reward 10 STORE tokens for each user who creates and verifies a Bitcoin Store account via your unique referral link and purchases STORE tokens.

The infographic showing how Store token referral program works.

5 STORE bonus tokens reward will be given to the referral.

5 STORE bonus tokens will be given to the user registered using a unique referral link.

The bonus can be earned from March 3rd, 2022 until May 1st, 2022, or until the end of the presale of the STORE token. The number of referrals is unlimited!

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